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Contractor Class

The Contractor Class offers 4 hours of continuing education for Conditioned Air contractors, Electricians and Plumbers.  Whether you have one trade license or multiple licenses the Contractor Class will satisfy the licensing board's continuing education requirement for each of your licenses.

November 2008 Topics:

1)  Workers Compensation
2)  Hidden Fees - The Real Cost of Credit Cards
3)  Heat Stress - Working in Georgia's Heat
4)  Stockbridge Nov.  12, 2008 Class Only... GSWCC Subcontractor Awareness soil erosion           certification

The 2-hour "Subcontractor Awareness Seminar" will be the first topic covered in our class on Nov. 12, 2008 in Stockbridge, GA. 

2009 Topics:

1)  Back Safety - How to stay safe, healthy and in control of back problems.
2)  Pricing and Equipment Costs - Keys to getting the bid and making money.  The #1 reason companies lose money is because of inaccurate estimates.  Not knowing exact material prices in your area… or not being able to calculate competitive labor prices in your market affect your profits.  We cover all important aspects of pricing, including new software programs that make it very easy to price, including built-in databases with the latest prices for materials in your area.  We include a free test version of one of these software programs, tailored for electrical, plumbing and HVAC pricing, which easily link and work with QuickBooks.   Accurate pricing and equipment costing will help you get more bids, improve your bottom line, and make it possible for smaller (1-2 truck) businesses to compete with the “big guys.”  

4-hours CE only: $75   
4-hours CE with GSWCC certification: $95   **Stockbridge Nov.  12, 2008 Class Only**
GSWCC certification only: $55   **Stockbridge Nov.  12, 2008 Class Only**

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08/09 Schedules and Registration Form
08/09 Schedules and Registration Form